Karaoke Song List

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Last Updated - 5/18/98

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Song Type Disc Track
4:55 Oldies MV-011 B/7
500 Miles Oldies MV-001 B/8
7 (Prince) Pop 90-6 A/9
A Dear John Letter Oldies MV-006 A/13
A Song For You Pop MV-028 B/4
A Whole New World Pop MV-028 A/2
About You Hwn H-1 A/2
Achy Breaky Heart Country C-8 A/4
After All Pop 80-10 A/1
After All (from Chances Are) Pop 80-41-M A/1
Against All Odds Pop 80-5 A/10
Ain’t That A Shame Oldies 50-1 A/9
All By Myself Pop 70-12 A/7
All My Life Pop 80-10 A/2
All My Life Pop 80-41-M A/2
All Night Long Pop MV-019 B/12
Almost Paradise Pop 80-4 A/6
Almost Paradise Pop HLD-1002 A/6
Always Pop 80-6 A/3
Always Pop HLD-1002 B/7
Always On My Mind Country C-1 A/4
Always On My Mind Oldies MV-011 B/3
Always On My Mind Cntry MV-019 B/6
Amour Oldies MV-011 A/5
And I Love Her Oldies MV-019 A/12
And I Love You So Oldies MV-006 B/10
Another Day in Paradise Pop HLD-1002 B/2
Are You Lonesome Tonight Oldies MV-011 A/14
Back On The Chain Gang Pop 80-47-M A/2
Bad Pop MV-019 A/11
Band Of Gold Pop 70-11 A/6
Beat It Pop MV-019 A/6
Beautiful Kauai Hwn H-1 B/12
Beautiful Sunday Oldies MV-011 A/2
Beauty and the Beast Pop MV-028 B/2
Because I Love You Pop HLD-1002 B/11
Bed of Roses Pop HLD-1002 A/3
Behold Laie Hwn H-1 A/12
Besame Mucho Oldies MV-009 A/12
Black is Black Oldies MV-009 B/11
Blame It on the Rain Pop 80-5 A/9
Blowin’ In the Wind Oldies MV-019 B/5
Blue Darling Hwn H-1 B/14
Blue Suede Shoes Oldies 50-1 A/5
Boot Scootin' Boogie Country TED-020 A/2
Breathe Again Pop 90-6 A/3
Bridge Over Troubled Water Oldies MV-006 B/5
By The Time I Get to Phoenix Oldies MV-009 A/14
Bye-Bye Love Oldies MV-009 A/3
Can’t Help Falling in Love Oldies MV-006 B/12
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Oldies MV-009 B/2
Candle In The Wind Pop 70-12 A/4
Careless Whisper Pop MV-028 B/12
Careless Whisper Pop HLD-1002 A/7
Casablanca Oldies HLD-1002 A/5
Caught Up In The Rapture Pop 80-10 A/3
Changing Partners Oldies MV-009 B/7
Close To You Pop 70-11 A/3
Come Go With Me Pop 80-13 A/8
Cotton Field Oldies MV-009 A/8
Could I Have This Dance Pop 70-11 A/2
Crazy Country C-1 A/1
Crazy for You Pop 80-4 A/1
Crazy Love Oldies MV-011 B/14
Crying in the Chapel Oldies MV-006 B/1
Crystal Chandelier Hwn H-1 A/13
Daddy’s Home Oldies MV-006 B/6
Dangerous Pop 80-10 A/4
Danny Boy Oldies MV-009 B/13
Desert Moon Pop HLD-1002 A/11
Do That to Me One More Oldies MV-006 B/13
Do You Know Where You... Oldies MV-006 A/12
Don’t Cry Out Loud Pop 70-3 A/2
Don’t Know Much Pop MV-028 A/6
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down... Pop MV-028 B/5
Don’t Wanna Lose You Pop MV-028 B/6
Drift Away Pop 70-12 A/2
El Condor Pasa Oldies MV-009 B/5
Elvira Country C-1 A/10
Elvira Country C-2-M A/1
Emotion Pop MV-011 A/13
End Of The Road Pop 90-6 A/1
Endless Love Pop 80-1 A/4
Endless Love Pop MV-019 A/3
Everything I Do Pop MV-028 A/3
Everytime You Go Away Pop HLD-1002 A/1
Flashdance...What a Feeling Pop 80-1 A/7
Flying Hwn H-1 A/5
Fooled Around And Fell In Love Pop 70-12 A/8
Foolish Beat Pop 80-13 A/3
Foolish Beat Pop HLD-1002 A/4
Friends In Low Places Country C-8 A/5
From A Distance Pop 80-10 A/5
From My Heart Hwn H-1 A/14
Garden Party Pop 70-12 A/9
Get Here Pop 80-10 A/6
Girl I’m Gonna Miss You Pop MV-019 B/8
Girl With April In Her Eyes Oldies MV-011 A/1
Girl You Know It’s True Pop MV-019 B/13
Girlfriend (Bobby Brown) Pop 80-14 A/6
Girlfriend (Bobby Brown) Pop 80-35-M A/3
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pop 80-4 A/7
Giving You the Best that I ... Pop MV-028 B/9
Glory of Love Pop MV-028 A/5
Grandpa (Tell us about...) Country C-2-M A/4
Great Balls of Fire Oldies 50-1 A/3
Greatest Love of All Pop 80-1 A/1
Green Green Grass Of Home Country C-1 A/8
Green Leaves of Summer Oldies MV-001 B/10
Guitar Man Pop 70-12 A/10
Had A Dream Oldies MV-019 A/14
Hanalei Moon Hwn H-1 A/8
Happy Anniversary Hwn H-1 B/3
Have A Heart Pop 90-3 A/3
Have You Ever Seen ... Rain Oldies MV-011 B/1
Have You Never Been Mellow Pop 70-11 A/8
Hawaii Aloha Hwn H-1 A/11
Hawaiian Lullaby Hwn H-1 B/9
He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Bro... Oldies MV-009 A/7
He Aloha Mele Hwn H-1 A/4
Heal the World Pop MV-028 B/1
Heart of Gold Oldies MV-006 B/4
Heartbreak Hotel Oldies 50-1 A/2
Heartbreaker Pop 80-6 A/9
Heaven Pop HLD-1002 B/9
Heaven is a Place on Earth Pop 80-4 A/8
Help Oldies MV-019 A/9
Help Me Make It Thru...Night Oldies MV-001 A/11
Here And Now Pop 90-3 A/7
Here We Are Pop MV-028 A/4
Hey Good Lookin’ Country C-1 A/7
Hey Jude Oldies MV-001 B/6
Hold On to the Nights Pop 80-5 A/7
Holiday Oldies MV-009 B/14
Holiday (Madonna) Pop MV-019 A/7
Honolulu City Lights Hwn H-1 A/3
House of the Rising Sun Oldies MV-019 B/2
How Am I Supposed to ...(L.B.) Pop 80-6 A/5
How Am I Supposed to .... Pop MV-028 A/11
How Can I Tell Her Oldies MV-001 A/5
How Can We Be Lovers Pop 90-3 A/9
How Deep Is Your Love Pop 70-12 A/1
How Will I Know Pop 80-1 A/9
Hurt So Bad Pop 70-11 A/7
I Can’t Stop Loving You Oldies MV-011 A/10
I Can’t Tell You Why Pop MV-011 B/8
I Cross My Heart Country C-8 A/1
I Don’t Know How To Love... Oldies MV-001 B/13
I Don’t Like to Sleep Alone Oldies MV-009 B/3
I Don’t Want To Talk About It Oldies MV-011 B/13
I Fall To Pieces Country C-1 A/5
I Have Nothing Pop MV-028 B/8
I Just Called to Say I Love You Pop HLD-1002 A/9
I Just Called to Say I Love... Oldies MV-001 B/3
I Love How You Love Me Oldies MV-011 A/6
I Started A Joke Oldies MV-006 B/9
I Swear Country TED-020 A/12
I Understand Oldies MV-001 B/7
I Wanna Dance w/Somebody Pop 80-1 A/8
I Wanna Dance w/Somebody Pop MV-019 A/10
I Want to Know What Love is Pop 80-5 A/8
I Will Always Love You Pop 90-3 A/1
I Will Always Love You Pop MV-028 A/1
I Will Always Love You (DP) Pop HLD-1002 A/2
I Will Survive Pop 70-3 A/3
I’d Die Without You Pop 90-6 A/6
I’d Love You to Want Me Oldies MV-006 B/14
I’d Really Love to See You... Oldies MV-006 A/6
I’ll Always Love You (T.D) Pop 80-6 A/6
I’ll Be There Pop MV-028 A/12
I’ll Be Your Shelter Pop 80-41-M A/4
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again Oldies MV-001 B/4
I’ll Remember You Hwn H-1 B/2
I’m So Into You Pop 90-6 A/5
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry Country C-1 A/9
I’m Your Baby Tonight Pop 80-10 A/7
If Pop MV-011 B/6
If Pop 70-12 A/5
If Loving You Is Wrong... Pop 80-14 A/1
If Not For You Oldies MV-019 A/8
If You Don’t Know Me By ... Pop MV-028 B/3
If You Leave Now Oldies MV-009 B/10
Imagine Oldies MV-006 B/8
Invisible Touch Pop 80-5 A/3
Islands In The Stream Pop 70-3 A/6
It Must Have Been Love Pop HLD-1002 A/8
It Never Rains in S. California Oldies MV-001 B/5
It’s Too Late Pop 70-11 A/9
Jailhouse Rock Oldies 50-1 A/6
Jailhouse Rock Oldies 50-4-M A/1
Jambalaya Oldies MV-006 B/3
Joanna Pop 80-14 A/5
Jolene Cntry MV-019 B/4
Just Once Pop 80-5 A/2
Just The Two Of Us Pop 80-14 A/4
Just The Way You Are Pop HLD-1002 B/12
Just Walking in the Rain Oldies MV-009 A/2
Kanaka Waiwai Hwn H-1 A/10
Killing Me Softly w/His Song Oldies MV-011 B/10
Kiss Me Good-bye Oldies MV-001 B/14
Kuu Home O Kahaluu Hwn H-1 A/9
La Bamba Oldies 50-1 A/4
La Bamba Oldies 50-4-M A/3
Ladies Night Pop 80-14 A/8
Lady in Red Pop 80-5 A/6
Lambada Latin MV-019 B/9
Last Waltz Oldies MV-009 A/10
Let It Be Oldies MV-001 A/9
Let Me Be The One Pop 80-13 A/7
Let Me Be There Oldies MV-009 A/4
Let Me Try Again Oldies MV-019 B/1
Let’s Hear It for the Boy Pop 80-1 A/10
Like A Virgin Pop 80-1 A/2
Like A Virgin Pop HLD-1002 A/10
Look Away Pop MV-028 A/10
Lookin’ for Love Country C-2-M A/3
Looks Like We Made It Pop 70-12 A/6
Lost In Your Eyes Pop 80-13 A/1
Love Is (Beverly Hills 90210) Pop 90-3 A/2
Love Me With All My Heart Oldies MV-001 B/9
Love Story Oldies MV-006 A/8
Makalapua Hwn H-1 B/6
Make It Like It Was Pop 90-3 A/8
Make It Real Pop HLD-1002 B/5
Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies ... Country C-1 A/3
Manic Monday Pop 80-47-M A/1
Massachusetts Oldies MV-009 B/8
Material Girl Pop 80-6 A/1
Maybe I'm Amazed Pop 70-12 A/3
Memory Oldies MV-019 A/1
Michelle Oldies MV-019 B/14
Midnight Train To Georgia Pop 70-3 A/5
Money (That’s What I Want) Oldies 50-4-M A/2
Moon River Oldies MV-009 B/6
More Oldies MV-011 A/4
Morning Has Broken Oldies MV-001 A/1
Morning Train Pop 80-4 A/10
My Girl Oldies MV-009 A/13
My Girl Pop HLD-1002 B/10
My Way Oldies MV-006 A/9
Never Gonna Give You Up Pop 80-14 A/3
Never On Sunday Oldies MV-009 A/9
Never, Never, Never Hwn H-1 A/1
Next Time I Fall in Love Pop 80-5 A/5
Nick of Time Pop 80-10 A/8
Nick of Time Pop 80-41-M A/3
Nightbird Hwn H-1 B/1
Nine to Five Pop 80-4 A/5
Nothin’ At All Pop 80-47-M A/4
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You Pop HLD-1002 B/4
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Pop HLD-1002 A/13
Ocean Deep Pop HLD-1002 B/14
On The Road Again Country C-1 A/6
On The Wings Of Love Pop 80-35-M A/2
One In A Million You Pop 80-14 A/10
One Moment In Time Pop 80-6 A/4
One More Try Pop MV-019 A/13
Only In My Dreams Pop 80-13 A/2
Only The Lonely Pop 80-47-M A/3
Only You Oldies MV-006 B/11
Open Your Heart (Maddona) Pop MV-019 B/11
Out Here On My Own Pop 80-10 A/9
Out Of The Blue Pop 80-13 A/5
Paniolo Country Hwn H-1 B/4
Peggy Sue Oldies 50-1 A/10
Please Don't Go Pop HLD-1002 B/8
Power of Love Oldies MV-011 B/9
Power of Love Pop HLD-1002 A/12
Private Dancer Pop 80-10 A/10
Pua Lilia Hwn H-1 B/13
Purple Rain Pop 80-35-M A/1
Put Your Head On My Shldr.. Oldies MV-011 B/5
Rain and Tears Oldies MV-001 B/12
Raindrops Keep Falling on... Oldies MV-001 A/3
Rainy Days And Mondays Pop 70-11 A/4
Really Don’t Want To Know Oldies MV-009 A/6
Reflections of My Life Oldies MV-011 B/2
Release Me Oldies MV-006 B/7
Remember The Time Pop 90-3 A/6
Rhythm of the Rain Oldies MV-009 A/1
Right Here Waiting Pop 80-5 A/1
Right Here Waiting Pop MV-028 B/7
Rock Around the Clock Oldies 50-1 A/1
Rose Garden Oldies MV-001 B/1
Rose Rose I Love You Oldies MV-001 A/6
Rub You The Right Way Pop 90-6 A/10
Run Away Oldies MV-011 A/8
Sacrifice Pop MV-028 B/11
Sad Movie Oldies MV-001 A/14
Sailing Oldies MV-006 A/5
Samoan Medley Hwn H-1 B/7
Save the Best for Last Pop MV-028 A/8
Sealed With A Kiss Oldies MV-001 A/8
Seasons Change Pop 80-13 A/6
September Pop MV-019 B/3
Sexual Healing Pop 80-14 A/9
Shake You Down Pop 90-6 A/7
Shake Your Love Pop 80-13 A/4
She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues) Country C-8 B/2
Shiny Happy People Pop 90-3 A/10
Sing Pop 70-11 A/5
Sing Oldies MV-001 B/2
Skylark Pop 80-6 A/10
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Oldies MV-011 A/7
Snowbird Pop 70-3 A/9
Something To Talk About Pop 90-3 A/4
Sometimes When We Touch Pop MV-028 A/9
Somewhere Out There Pop 80-4 A/2
Speak Softly Love Oldies MV-006 A/10
Stand By Me Oldies MV-011 A/11
Stand By Your Man Country C-1 A/2
Stay A While Oldies MV-009 B/1
Strangers In The Night Oldies MV-011 A/3
Stupid Cupid Oldies MV-006 B/2
Suddenly (Olivia NJ/CR) Pop MV-019 B/10
Summer Nights Pop 70-3 A/1
Surround Me With Love Hwn H-1 B/8
Sweet Caroline Oldies MV-019 A/2
Sweet Lady of Waiahole Hwn H-1 B/10
Sweet Love Pop 80-4 A/4
Take My Breath Away Pop 80-6 A/7
Teddy Bear Oldies 50-1 A/8
Tell Me Why Pop 80-13 A/10
Temple of the King Oldies MV-009 A/5
Tender Lover Pop 80-14 A/7
Tender Lover Pop 80-35-M A/4
That’ll Be the Day Oldies 50-1 A/7
That’ll Be The Day Oldies 50-4-M A/4
That’s The Way Love Goes Pop 90-6 A/2
That’s What Friends Are For Pop 80-1 A/3
The Closer I Get To You Pop 70-11 A/1
The End of the World Oldies MV-001 A/4
The River of No Return Oldies MV-006 A/11
The Rose Pop 80-1 A/5
The Rose Pop MV-011 A/9
The Rose Pop HLD-1002 B/3
The Shadow of Your Smile Oldies MV-011 B/12
The Wind Beneath My Wings Pop MV-028 B/10
Three Times A Lady Pop MV-011 B/4
Through The Years Country C-8 A/14
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round... Oldies MV-001 A/13
To All the Girls I’ve Loved... Pop 80-5 A/4
To Sir With Love Oldies MV-006 A/14
Top of the World Oldies MV-001 A/2
Turn Your Love Around Pop 80-14 A/2
Unchained Melody Oldies MV-006 A/1
Up Where We Belong Pop 80-4 A/3
Upside Down Pop 70-3 A/10
Venus (Bananarama) Pop 80-6 A/2
Wahine Ilikea Hwn H-1 A/6
Waika Hwn H-1 B/11
Waimanalo Blues Hwn H-1 A/7
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Pop HLD-1002 B/6
Walking In the Rain Oldies MV-019 A/5
We May Never Love Like... Oldies MV-001 A/12
We’ve Got Tonight Pop MV-019 B/7
Weak Pop 90-6 A/4
What’s Love Got To Do w/It Pop 80-1 A/6
When I Fall In Love Pop 90-3 A/5
When I Looked At Him Pop 80-13 A/9
When I Need You Oldies MV-011 B/11
When Will I See You Again Pop 70-3 A/4
Where Do Broken Hearts Go Pop 80-6 A/8
Will You Be There Pop 90-6 A/8
Will You Still Love Me Tom... Oldies MV-009 B/9
Wind Flowers Oldies MV-006 A/4
Without You Oldies MV-001 B/11
Wonderful Tonight Hwn H-1 B/5
Wooden Heart Oldies MV-006 A/3
Yellow Bird Oldies MV-009 A/11
Yellow Submarine Oldies MV-019 A/4
Yesterday Oldies MV-001 A/7
You Are My Sunshine Oldies MV-011 A/12
You Are My World Oldies MV-009 B/4
You Belong To Me Pop 70-3 A/8
You Don’t Have to Say You... Oldies MV-006 A/2
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me Oldies HLD-1002 B/13
You Light Up My Life Oldies MV-006 A/7
You’re No Good Pop 70-3 A/7
You’ve Got A Friend Pop 70-11 A/10
You’ve Got It All Over Him Pop 80-4 A/9
You’ve Got the Touch Country C-2-M A/2
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feel.. Oldies MV-009 B/12
Your Cheating Heart Oldies MV-001 A/10
Your Song Pop MV-028 A/7
 New Songs (added 5/98)      
 How Do I Live (from "Con Air") Pop HIT99-Vol.1  A/1
Gotham City (from "Batman & Robin")  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1 A/2
 Go The Distance (from "Hercules")  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/3
 Bitch  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/4
 Blood On The Dance Floor  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/5
 Staring At The Sun  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/6
 Piece Of Love  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/7
 People Hold On  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/8
 Clementine  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/9
 Colour Of Love  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/10
 Forever (Damage)  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1 A/11 
 How Come, How Long  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  A/12
 I'll Be Missing You (Puff Daddy)  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/1
 Tell Me Is It True (from "Speed 2")  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/2
 Foolish Games (from "Batman & Robin")  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/3
 G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/4
 Never Gonna Fall  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/5
 Just Cruisin  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/6
 Still Waters Ran Deep (Bee Gees)  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/7
 It's Your Love  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/8
 Don't Wanna Be A Player  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/9
 Falling  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/10
 I Could Fall In Love  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/11
 The Only One  Pop  HIT99-Vol.1  B/12
 Waiting For Your Love  Pop  ALLB-Vol.2  A/1
 Because You Loved Me  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/2
 Will Of The Wind  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/3
 One More Chance  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/4
 Earth Song  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/5
 One Of Us  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/6
 'Til You Do Me Right  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/7
 Count On Me  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/8
 So Far Away  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/9
 Beautiful Life  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/10
 You're My Everything  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/11
 (You Make Me Feel...) Natural Woman  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  A/12
 How Deep Is Your Love  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2 B/1
 Close To You (Whigfield)  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/2
 Father And Son  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/3
 Exhale (Shoop Shoop)  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/4
 Baby Now That I Found You  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/5
 Always Be My Baby  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/6
 Dream About You  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/7
 One Sweet Day  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/8
 Nothing Can Stop Us Now (Price)  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/9
 I'll Say Goodbye For The Two Of Us  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/10
 More Than You'll Ever Know  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/11
 All By Myself  Pop   ALLB-Vol.2  B/12

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